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Bobbi Rose

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Ambler Pediatric Dentistry

If you're a parent living in Ambler you probably already know how important proper oral hygiene and care is, especially for your child. What you may not know, however, is that good oral hygiene care and habits should begin early—as in before your child turns one year old. Our Ambler pediatric dentistry practice has been providing top-quality oral care to children, infants and teenagers in the area for years.

From your child's first checkup to the day their adult teeth come in and beyond, our Ambler pediatric dentists will clean and care for your child's teeth while teaching them how to build and maintain the right kind of oral hygiene habits. Our Ambler pediatric dental specialists will check your children for things like bottle tooth decay, cavities, and developmental problems while teaching your child: • How to brush their teeth correctly
• How to floss their teeth gently but effectively
• What foods to stay away from
• The best times of the day to brush

Pediatric Dentist in Ambler, PA

From the simpler to the most complex pediatric dental needs, our Ambler pediatric dentists can handle it all. We love working with children and we know that children require a certain finesse. We won't use scary words or do anything to alarm them. Rather, we will keep talking to your child and gently explaining what is happening while allowing them to ask any questions. Some of our Ambler pediatric dental services include: • Teeth cleanings
• Teeth crownings
• Sealing of teeth
• Comprehensive dental exams
• Fluoride treatments
• A complete record of your child's dental history and medical history
• And much more

Don't let your child's self-esteem and confidence levels suffer because the state of their smile isn't up to par. Not providing your child with good pediatric dentistry won't just hurt them emotionally, it could lead to more serious heart-related problems when they grow up. When your child is under the care of our Ambler pediatric dental practice you can rest assured they are receiving the best care around. Call us today to schedule an appointment, to ask questions, or to schedule a consultation. Our Ambler pediatric dentists can’t wait to bring out the best in your child’s smile! 215.233.1163