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Wishing our amazing patient Bobbi Rose a Happy 100th Birthday!

Blue Bell Pediatric Dentistry

Proper oral hygiene is an important part of a person’s overall health and forming good oral care habits is a process that needs to start by the time a child has turned 1. Are you looking for a Blue Bell pediatric dentistry practice for your child? We have been a leading provider of pediatric dentistry to children, infants and teenagers in the Blue Bell area for years and we have to admit, we love working with children. When you bring your child to visit our Blue Bell pediatric dentist office your child won’t just receive a cleaning and exam. Our pediatric dentists will take care to teach your children why having good oral hygiene is so important and what habits they need to develop to achieve it. Our Blue Bell pediatric dentists will teach your child all about and examine them for:
• Cavities
• Bottle tooth decay
• Teeth in need of sealing
• How to brush their teeth correctly
• How to floss properly
• And more

A healthy smile and mouth not only looks great, it will help build and grow your child’s confidence and self-esteem while allowing their level of achievement to remain high. Our Blue Bell pediatric dental specialists are experienced in all kinds of pediatric dental issues and can confidently diagnose and take care of a variety of tasks including:

Pediatric Dentist in Blue Bell, PA

• Regular teeth cleaning
• Sealing
• Crowns
• Evaluating drinking water for fluoride
• Keep a complete record of your child’s dental and medical histories
• Fit your child for a spacer or retainer
• And much more

At our Blue Bell pediatric dentist office we know that visiting the dentist can be a scary prospect for children. We will treat your child gently and with kindness, being careful to avoid any scary verbiage while answering any questions they may have. We believe pediatric dentistry in Blue Bell can be fun and it’s in this spirit that we present to you some fun pediatric dental facts to enjoy:
• Did you know that there are more blue toothbrushes than there are red ones?
• Did you know that the average person will spend 39 days of their life brushing their teeth?
• Fluoride, the substance that helps your teeth resist decay and stay strong, is found inmany public drinking water supplies!
• Children truly are jollier than adults; the average child will laugh 400 times a day.

Adults on the other hand will laugh on average just 15 times during any given day.
If you’re ready to bring your child to the Blue Bell pediatric dentist’s office give us a call. We’ll setup an appointment or consultation and answer any questions you have.
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