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Bobbi Rose

Wishing our amazing patient Bobbi Rose a Happy 100th Birthday!

Cheltenham Pediatric Dentistry

Good oral care and oral hygiene habits should begin shortly after birth, with a child's first pediatric dental visit coming by the time they turn 1. As a leading Cheltenham pediatric dental group we have been providing high quality oral care to children and teenagers for many years.

A good Cheltenham pediatric dentistry practice will not only clean and care for your child's teeth, they will also teach the child how to have great oral hygiene habits too. Our Cheltenham pediatric dentists will examine your child for a number of possible issues and teach them about a variety of topics including:
• How to floss correctly
• How to brush their teeth correctly
• Searching for signs of bottle tooth decay
• Examining for possible developmental problems

Pediatric Dentist in Cheltenham, PA

Not only will a bright white smile instill more confidence in your child and give them a better sense of well being, it's good for their health, too! Consider the fact that there have been recent links found between poor oral hygiene and heart disease. The pediatric dentists at our Cheltenham office understand that each child is unique and so are their needs. Therefore we offer a huge variety of services that include:
• Tooth crowning
• Tooth sealing
• Record keeping of your child's dental and medical history
• Regularly scheduled cleanings
• Periodic exams
• Any necessary X-rays
• Drinking water fluoride evaluation
• And more

We believe that Cheltenham pediatric dental services should be fun! In that same spirit of fun we have a few cool facts about pediatric dentistry for you and your child to enjoy:
• Talk about giggly! The average child laughs 400 times each day while the average adult laughs just 15 times per day.
• Did you know that fluoride is found in some public drinking water sources?
• There are more people who use blue toothbrushes than red toothbrushes.
• The average person will spend about 39 days of their entire lifetime brushing their teeth. Thats more than one month!
Call us today at 215.233.1163. Our Cheltenham pediatric dentists will quickly and professionally answer your questions and set up an appointment for your little one.