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Wishing our amazing patient Bobbi Rose a Happy 100th Birthday!

Chestnut Hill Cosmetic Dentistry

Like all bones, teeth can break and require repair. The difference, however, is that your teeth are external and often leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them, so a broken, cracked or chipped tooth can come to define a person. If you're tired of being defined by your “bad” or missing teeth, then the Chestnut Hill cosmetic dentists at Schiff Dental Group can help you regain your confidence through a variety of innovative procedures.

Our team of outstanding professionals at Schiff Dental Group is well-versed in the many fields of cosmetic dentistry, including restorative dentistry, periodontics and implant dentistry. Because we are committed to getting you the best possible results, we employ only the most qualified Chestnut Hill cosmetic dentists specializing in the following procedures:

Interproximal recontouring: For some patients, the quickest route to smile enhancement is interproximal recontouring. Our Chestnut Hill cosmetic dentists are masters of correcting misaligned and crooked teeth by reshaping them into a beautiful smile.

Veneers: One solution for filling in spaces or correcting misshapen teeth is the use of veneers, which are thin, tooth-like slivers that get applied to your teeth to give them a desirable shape and appearance. The average time for veneer installation at our Chestnut Hill cosmetic dentistry practice is just two short visits.

Teeth whitening systems & stain removal: With our guaranteed Zoom! Whitening system, we can have your teeth looking fresh and white in just one hour. Other options are the self-administered Day White and Nite White whitening systems, which have been known to give dramatic results in just 10 – 14 days.

Crowns: Crowns make great cover-ups for broken, cracked and decayed teeth. If you get a crown at our Chestnut Hill cosmetic dentistry practice, you can expect a quality result crafted from gold, porcelain, resin or a mixture of any of the three.

Bridges: Bridgework is almost always done to fill in a space that was once occupied by a natural tooth. If you're missing a tooth, one of our Chestnut Hill cosmetic dentists would be happy to install a cantilever, fixed or “Maryland” bridge to restore you smile.

Implants: Many regard the dental implant as the greatest long-term fix for missing teeth or loose dentures. Because an implant is attached to a screw in your jawbone, it is rooted just like a natural tooth and can be relied upon for many years without much upkeep.

Cosmetic Dentist in Chestnut Hill, PA

Our Chestnut Hill cosmetic dentistry specialists can't know for sure which procedure is right for you until we can fully inspect your teeth and allow you to carefully consider your options. If you're tired of feeling bad about the appearance of your teeth, then give us a call at (215) 233-1162 today to make an appointment for your consultation!