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Bobbi Rose

Wishing our amazing patient Bobbi Rose a Happy 100th Birthday!

Fort Washington Cosmetic Dentistry

Confidence and good first impressions go hand-in-hand. If you're unhappy with your smile you don't have to let it hold you back anymore! Cosmetic dentistry has come leaps and bounds from the days of amalgam fillings and seashell teeth. These days all you need to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile is a great Fort Washington cosmetic dentistry practice. At The Schiff Dental Group we have been building beautiful smiles for years, and we are confident our Ft. Washington cosmetic dentists can help you with your cosmetic dental needs, too!

Each member of our Ft. Washington cosmetic dental team is qualified in a special skillset and have experience handling all dental matters. Every smile is different and at The Schiff Dental Group you will always be treated courteously, with sensitivity and respect. Some of the most common cosmetic dental services Ft. Washington residents come to us for include:

Veneers. Veneers are perfect for hiding permanently discolored, crooked, or gapped teeth. Our Fort Washington cosmetic dentists can apply veneers in as little as two office visits.
Crowns. Crowns fit snugly on top of preexisting teeth that are either chipped, decayed, or otherwise damaged. They are made of gold, acrylic resin, porcelain, or a combination of the three and should look totally natural. The entire process will be completed by our Ft. Washington cosmetic dentists over a three-week or four-week period.
Bridges. Bridges are dental devices that take up the space where a tooth used to be. Bridges are used to keep teeth from shifting, as well as to help keep your remaining teeth safe from damage or shifting. Our Ft. Washington cosmetic dental practice carries three main types of bridges: “Maryland” bridges, fixed bridges, and cantilever bridges.
Teeth whitening. Whether your teeth are permanently stained or simply discolored we have teeth whitening options for you. The Zoom! Whitening system is done in-office and will dramatically whiten your teeth in one visit. If you have a week or two and prefer whitening your own teeth we offer the Day White and Nite White systems, too. These at-home systems take just fifteen days to complete.
Dental implants. Our full-service Fort Washington cosmetic dental practice offers a variety of tooth replacement options. If you are unsure how to proceed our cosmetic dentists will help educate you on post-implant care as well as pre-implant precautions.
Interproximal recontouring. If you don't want to get braces, crowns or veneers, but still want to straighten and perfect your teeth, interproximal recontouring is a great option. Our Ft. Washington cosmetic dentists reshape your teeth by shaping the sides during this process.

Cosmetic Dentist in Ft Washington, PA

Do you still have questions regarding an upcoming cosmetic dental procedure? We welcome you to call us with your questions and concerns. Our Fort Washington cosmetic dentists will address your concerns and help you decide which dental procedure is best for you. Call (215) 233-1163 today, your best smile is just a phone call away!