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Bobbi Rose

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Glenside Pediatric Dentistry

Glenside pediatric dentistry is a necessity for infants, children and teenagers alike. Proper oral hygiene practices and habits are best instilled in children when they are very young and can give them a strong sense of self confidence as well as improved health throughout their lifetime. Are you looking for a qualified Glenside pediatric dentistry practice for your child? The pediatric dental specialists at the Schiff Dental Group have been providing superior oral care to the children of Glenside for years.

Our Glenside pediatric dentists like to work with children and treat them with kindness and consideration. The best pediatric dentists Glenside has will not just clean your child’s teeth, they will also give advice to your child and teach them how to take care of their teeth through proper brushing and flossing. Our Glenside pediatric dental specialists will take great care of your child checking for:

• The presence of bottle tooth decay • Possible cavities • Teeth that may need to be sealed or crowned • Proper bit alignment • Any possible developmental problems that need to be addressed • And so much more

Pediatric Dentist in Glenside, PA

As leading Glenside pediatric dentists we provide a wide array of pediatric dental services and are confident we can handle any dental issue your child may be experiencing. Some of our Glenside pediatric dental service offerings include but are not limited to:

• Regular cleanings • Scheduled dental exams • X-rays (if necessary) • Crowning (if necessary) • Sealing of teeth (if needed) • Evaluations of your drinking water for the presence of fluoride • Thorough tracking and recording of your child’s medical and dental records

So if it’s time to take your child in for their first pediatric dental appointment or you’re simply looking to switch dentists, give our Glenside pediatric dental office a call. We will take excellent care of your child.

To schedule a consultation or to make an appointment with one of our Glenside pediatric dentists call 215.233.1163. We can’t wait to help your child smile brighter!