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LaFayette Hill Cosmetic Dentistry

At the end of the day, we have more important things to worry about than our teeth. If you're having trouble eating, smiling and feeling confident in social situations because of your missing, misshapen or crooked teeth, then you should investigate some of the innovative procedures cosmetic dental professionals have used to change the lives of their patients. When it comes to a local source for treatment, Schiff Dental Group is revered as the premier Lafayette Hill cosmetic dentistry practice.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lafayette Hill, PA

Our practice at Schiff Dental boasts an exceptional team of cosmetic dentists, restorative dentists and periodontists, all with years of valuable experience in the constantly evolving world of smile enhancement. Don't hesitate to contact your Lafayette Hill cosmetic dental practice if you're in need of one of the following services:

Crowns: When you have a broken, cracked or decaying tooth, a crown can save the day by covering or replacing the affected area while still operating like a real tooth. Our Lafayette Hill cosmetic dentists are masters of the crown and can usually complete the procedure within just one month of the first visit.

Implant dentistry: This type of dentistry is concerned with permanently replacing missing teeth or securing dentures by implanting screws that hold either the crowns or dentures in place. Often viewed as the best solution for missing teeth, dental implants from our Lafayette Hill cosmetic dentists have a proven success rate of 98 perfect.

Bridgework: If you're missing a tooth, another long-term solution is often bridgework, which is a great way to occupy space in your smile to prevent teeth shifting and other issues. The specialists at Schiff Dental Group specialize in “Maryland” bridges, cantilever bridges and fixed bridges.

Interproximal recontouring: We can sculpt your misaligned, chipped or crooked teeth into perfect form. If this procedure is right for you, then you could be looking at a great alternative to braces, crowns or veneers.

Veneers: Using thin tooth-like material, our Lafayette Hill cosmetic dental professionals can transform your cracked, chipped or crooked smile into a work of art. Think of veneers as a cover-up for years of whatever has been ailing your smile!

Teeth whitening & stain removal: Our patients are thrilled once they experience one of our wildly popular Zoom! Whitening sessions. In just one hour, Zoom! Whitening can transform your stained, yellowing teeth into perfect white pillars. We also offer Day White and Nite White, which are at-home whitening treatments that take just 10-14 days to complete.

Of course you won't know for sure which procedure is right for your smile until you come into Schiff Dental Group and meet with our friendly Lafayette Hill cosmetic dentistry team. We will stop at nothing to give you the amazing smile you deserve, so call us today at (215) 233-1162 to set up your consultation!

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