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Bobbi Rose

Wishing our amazing patient Bobbi Rose a Happy 100th Birthday!

Mount Airy Pediatric Dentistry

Did you know that an estimated 52 million hours of school each year are missed by children because they have oral health problems? Proper oral hygiene is something that should be taught to children at a very early age, and practiced shortly after birth. In fact, taking proper care of their child's teeth is every good parent's responsibility. If you're on the search for a Mount Airy pediatric dentistry practice that has years of experience treating children, you've landed on the right page.

Our Mt. Airy pediatric dentists are kind and considerate, and have worked with children for years. The pediatric dentists and specialists of the Schiff Dental Group don't just take care of your child's teeth, they will teach your child all about what it takes to have good oral care habits and how to build them. When you bring your child to visit our Mount Airy pediatric dental practice they will be examined for and educated about: • Any cavities in their primary teeth
• Proper teeth brushing skills
• How to gently and effectively floss
• Possible developmental problems
• Bottle tooth decay
• Bite alignment
• And anything else that you may need

Pediatric Dentist in Mount Airy, PA

Not only will having a healthy smile help your child's confidence, it will help keep them in good health now and throughout their adult lives. In fact, heart disease and heart problems have been linked to oral problems. From your child's very first pediatric dental visit until the day their final adult tooth comes in, our Mt. Airy pediatric dentists will keep your child's smile happy and healthy. Our offering of Mount Airy pediatric dental services is rather extensive and includes: • Crowns
• Sealants
• Regular teeth cleaning
• Scheduled, thorough dental exams
• Fluoride evaluations and treatments
• Comprehensive record keeping of your child's dental and medical history
• And much more

So if your child needs dental work done, or if their very first dentist visit is coming up and you're not sure which Mt. Airy pediatric dentist to bring them to, call us. We will provide a quick and easy consultation and schedule an appointment with one of our qualified pediatric dental specialists.