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Wishing our amazing patient Bobbi Rose a Happy 100th Birthday!

Plymouth Meeting Cosmetic Dentistry

It is an inconvenient truth that our teeth are not invincible – accidents happen, and tooth decay over time is inevitable. Even so, our smile is one of the first things that people see when they meet us, and a noticeably imperfect smile can leave the wrong impression or make us feel self-conscious. If you're having a dental issue, you need to call Schiff Dental Group, the qualified Plymouth Meeting dental professionals.

At Schiff Dental, we take pride in rebuilding people's self-esteem through cosmetic dental reconstruction. Our experienced Plymouth Meeting cosmetic dentists are noted specialists in their respective fields, so we can ensure that every patient receives the highest level of service for one of the following procedures:

Bridges: When a gap previously occupied by another tooth starts to cause issues like shifting and tooth decay, it might be time for a bridge. For fixed bridges, “Maryland” bridges and cantilever bridges, look no further than our highly recommended team of Plymouth Meeting cosmetic dentists.

Crowns: Damaged, decayed and cracked teeth can benefit greatly from a crown cover-up. In the world of Plymouth Meeting cosmetic dentistry, crowns are usually forged from gold, acrylic resin, porcelain or a mixture of all three. Generally speaking it only takes one month to complete the crown installation.

Stain removal & teeth whitening: Are you embarrassed by your yellowing or stained teeth? We offer the beloved Zoom! Whitening system, which provides unparalleled whitening to your smile in just under an hour. You can also try our Day White and Nite White whitening systems, which are at-home systems that take only two weeks!

Implants: A lot of our Plymouth Meeting cosmetic dental practice centers around dental implants, which are utilized for single tooth replacements, anterior and posterior replacements and securing your dentures. We have even used dental implants to replace the entire row of upper teeth!

Interproximal recontouring: Instead of spending years dealing with braces or having crowns and veneers installed, some people are eligible for interproximal recontouring, which is a procedure where our Plymouth Meeting cosmetic dentists sculpt your misaligned, cracked or chipped teeth to masterfully reshape them.

Veneers: These are thin slivers of tooth-like material that can work wonders for your grin. If there are spaces in your smile due to missing or misshapen teeth, veneers could be the answer.

Cosmetic Dentist in Plymouth Meeting, PA

If you're overwhelmed by the wealth of options, don't worry – our Plymouth Meeting dental professionals have the know-how to suggest the optimal procedure for you. We want to make your smile shine, so call us today at (215) 233-1162 to set up your consultation and get on the road to dental perfection.