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Bobbi Rose

Wishing our amazing patient Bobbi Rose a Happy 100th Birthday!

Upper Dublin Pediatric Dentistry

Having a nice smile and good oral hygiene habits aren't qualities that we're born with. They are qualities that should be instilled in us when we are very young children. Taking proper care of their child's teeth is the responsibility of every good parent. If you're looking for an Upper Dublin pediatric dentist who understands the unique needs of children and can provide any pediatric dental service your child will need, than you've landed on the right website.

Our group of Upper Dublin pediatric dentists and dental specialists are experienced working with children and their parents. We teach every child the importance of having good oral hygiene habits and help embed oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. Our Upper Dublin pediatric dentists teach our children patients all about and examine them for:
• Bottle tooth decay
• Possible developmental problems
• Cavities of the primary teeth
• Correct brushing techniques
• Proper flossing techniques
• And more

Pediatric Dentist in Upper Dublin, PA

A white, straight, healthy smile builds confidence the way not many things can. Early detection and treatment of oral problems will help assure that your child's health, well- being, self esteem, and level of achievement aren't adversely affected. From their first pediatric dental visit to the day their last adult tooth finishes growing in, our Upper Dublin pediatric dentistry practice can handle any issue and procedure your child may need. We offer a large variety of pediatric dental services in Upper Dublin that include: • Regular cleanings
• Comprehensive, regular dental exams
• Sealing of teeth
• Crowning of teeth
• An evaluation of your water for fluoride levels
• Periodic fluoride treatments
• Thorough record of your child's medical and dental history
• And anything else your child may need

Our Upper Dublin pediatric dental practice realizes that children are little people who can scare easily. We do not use any language that will scare your children and we keep an open line of communication with your child to help them understand what is going on. At the Schiff Dental Group we think that Upper Dublin pediatric dentistry should be fun, something that's enjoyable. Keeping this in consideration, here are several fun facts involving pediatric dentistry and dental care for you and your child to enjoy: • There are more blue toothbrushes in use than red ones.
• Over the course of your lifetime you will spend on average 38.5 days(!) brushing your teeth.
• Did you know your child should have their first dental visit by the age of 1 year old?
• Fluoride helps your teeth resist decay and stay strong, and it's found in a lot of public drinking water supplies!
• Children laugh on average 400 times each day while adults laugh just 15 times per day on average.

Call our Upper Dublin pediatric dental practice today to schedule your child's first visit. We're happy to field your questions and schedule a consultation with you. Call today at 215.233.1163.